Bailey 746 Safety Valve

The Bailey 746 safety valve combination of top guiding, unobstructed seat bore and full lift capability ensures the highest possible discharge rate.
Supplied set to your requirements with a certificate confirming lift pressure at no additional cost.

Bailey 746 Safety Valve Datasheet  Set and certified to BS6759 standards


High Capacity • Full Lift • Side Discharge • Lever, Packed Lever or Dome Top
Size & Connections
DN25 to DN100 • Flanged PN16/25/40, ANSI 150/300 (dependent on series)
Air • Inert Gases • Oil • Process Liquids • Steam • Water
Carbon or Stainless Steel Body • Stainless Steel Disc (EPDM, FKM or PTFE option)
Set Pressure Range
0.35 up to 40 bar (dependent on size)
Stainless Steel Disc : -46°C to 427°C (see data sheet for others)
BS6759 Part 1, 2 & 3 (dependent on duty) • ASME VIII/TUV-AD Merkblatt A2 (on request)
BS6759 Part 3

Bailey 746 Safety Valve Datasheet